Meet “Chocolate Lisa”

Lisa’s love affair with chocolate began at the age of seven when she received her “Easy-Bake Oven” from Santa. Her heart and her eyes danced with delight! Through the years, Lisa has dazzled friends and family with her creations. Continuing her quest for the secret of fine chocolate has taken her to Paris to attend the famed Cordon Bleu Institute and to The New School in New York to perfect her techniques. Although mastering the basics wasn’t enough for her, she continued experimenting over the last 10 years making hundreds of chocolate creations.

While creating in the kitchen one snowy December evening in 1995, Lisa was inspired to combine two of her favorite things – truffles and brownies – and the recipe for Truffnies began. Her signature Truffnies became a favorite of all who know her. Word of these delicious creations started to spread, and she decided to dedicate herself to sharing her Truffnies with the world.

Lisa’s passion and love of chocolate has her friends and family referring to her affectionately as “Chocolate Lisa.”

Share them with everyone – family, friends, professionals.

Since their inception, Truffnies have been featured at business events, political dinners, governors’ mansions and celebrity parties – and now they’re available for you to order direct!

Lisa has a philosophy about life in sharing, living and loving. “When we breathe life, changes happen and it’s like “Majic.” “Chocolate Lisa” wants everyone to behold the “Majic” of her handcrafted chocolates.

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