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Gift Set

This gift set comes with a collection of our finest truffnies! We’ve put together three delicious boxes including a 4pc box, a 12pc box, and a 24pc box. Give them as gifts! Save one for yourself! Give Truffnies year-round with our Truffnies Gift Set.

Holiday Gift Set
Truffle + Brownie

Truffle + Brownie


pinch yourself.

Truffnies…a magical blend of the European Truffle and the All-American Brownie. Award Winning, hand-crafted chocolate delicacies. Made with pure high quality ingredients, Truffnies may be enjoyed refrigerated or room temperature. Chilled Truffnies have the smooth, melting texture of a chocolate truffle. Served room temperature, Truffnies are a decadent, rich brownie. The ultimate sweet luxury. Perfect for all to enjoy!

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We invite you to browse through Truffnies and shop with confidence knowing you are purchasing the very best ingredients and quality of a pure chocolate epicurean delight!

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